Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How to Get Any Jesus-loving Woman to Fall Madly in Love with You (maybe even your wife)

Maybe I stretched the truth a little in the title.  I have no guarantees in life except Jesus.  I  put all of my eggs in His basket, and everything else is in the “generally-true” category.  But I think there really is a “secret” in earning the admiration of a lady that every single guy needs to know and every married man needs to remember.  Most men can catch a woman way out of their league if they would learn this trait:

Lead well. 
What does it mean to be a good leader?  My favorite image from Scripture is the role of a shepherd.  A shepherd takes care of business and is a hard worker. He is tender with his sheep.  He looks after those he is responsible for.  He not only manages well, he looks to the future so his flock doesn’t die out.  He sets boundaries for the sheep, moves them to green pastures, teaches them how to stay together, grooms them, feeds them, and runs after lost ones.  When he brings in his fold at night, he lays down at the gate to keep wolves from getting in. He literally lays his life down to protect his sheep.  And most importantly, he knows what to do with the wolves if they ever find their way to his sheep.  He doesn’t pet the wolf or try to make it his friend: the good shepherd knows how and when to fight.

How have we reduced Christianity to a “be nice” religion? Allow me to rant for a little bit.  I love it that my husband is kind and nice and knows how to control his temper because I really don’t want holes knocked in my wall.  But I am proud of the fact that I have a man who gets angry about the things God is angry about.  I want a man who knows how to put a dent in the world’s injustice.  Nothing makes me more sick that a passive man who is content to pass his time away with vain pleasures.  And I am not alone.  I have watched one young woman after another become wildly infatuated with men who lead.  Men who:
n      make decisions
n      don’t let their quiet personalities keep them from being firm on issues of right and wrong
n      clean up the messes of weaker men
n      realize that as intelligent as their smart phone is, it doesn’t pay its own bill
n      can handle conflict better than their remote
n      are willing to hurt someone’s feelings in the short-run, so that they can be healed in the long-run
n      will do the right thing when no one is looking
n      take initiative
n      can correct others without condemning them 
n      don’t stop engaging their women at the moment the engagement ring fit her finger
n      treat others with respect, regardless of age
n      don’t let their women run over or manipulate them
n      will offend the “one” in the crowd to protect the hundreds
n      admit when they haven’t led well and make corrections

Ultimately, we women don’t expect our men to be perfect, but to be pictures of the Good Shepherd.  Ladies, please give examples of the things you like.  Let the secret out.  Let’s challenge and compliment our men when they don’t follow the pattern of the world.


  1. I love this! It expressed exactly what I desire and have heard from fellow female believers.

  2. Thank you Mishal. And thanks for sharing the post.
    Matt-- I wish you lived closer!!!!