Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Stop, drop, and roll.....or crawl

This blog post has no point unless you like to keep up with our family. If you like to keep up with us, maybe you should find a less difficult hobby.

My dryer hasn't been working well for a while, which means lint was backed up in the dryer pipe thing. Our dryer doesn't back up to an outside wall, so the pipe makes 2 right-angle turns and has to travel 10 feet through the attic to push lint out of the house. After my van fire, I refused to use the dryer until we cleaned out the pipe in effort to minimize all fire hazards. Chris had been working in Conway during the week, so it was the top item on my "honey-do" list when he returned.

On Saturday when Chris was crawling around in the ridiculously small area in the attic, the twisting and turning caught up with him. By Saturday night he was laying in bed with a considerable amount of lower back pain. We don't even own pain medicine, so when he said he needed some I knew it was bad. First thing Sunday morning I went to buy Ibuprofen. When I got home, Chris was on the floor crawling around. At least he was laughing at how ridiculous he looked. I was hesitant to go to church because he couldn't walk out of our house if it caught on fire! "No," he said emphatically on his hands and knees."I have willpower. They say stop, drop and roll. I'll just roll out of here."

We spent Sunday afternoon at the doctor, and that helped him walk out of the office looking like a cripple. We were all very supportive. Cade took one look at him and said, "If you're gonna walk THAT slow, you should just get a wheel-chair." I offered him Kaci's jogging stroller. Kinley made a contraption that would enable us to wheel him around the house.

Her plan was that Chris could sit on the pillow gently placed on a dinosaur and she could drag him around by the dinosaur's head. Kaci built a fort of pillows for Chris on the floor that he could lay on, and she was going to gaurd it against our dog, Kobii.

It's nice to have a husband with a sense of humor even when he's in immense pain. The last two days, he has been to the chiropractor, and is getting better each day. He should be back to normal by the end of the week.

It's been the "perfect" way to end an entire school year of week-day seperation. Summer of 2010 to Summer 2011 has consisted of one trial after the other. Fortunately, summer has begun for Chris and he will work from home. I'll take him however I can get him...and now that the dryer works, he can crawl around in clean underwear.

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